TANGO,  EC,  telecom, GMES, SATCOM, FP6

The objectives of TANGO “Telecommunications Advanced Networks for GMES Operations” three-year European Commission (EC) programme are to develop, integrate, demonstrate and promote new satellite telecom services dedicated to GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment & Security) requirements.
TANGO is the first project under EC FP6 focusing on the use of satellite telecom to serve the needs of the whole GMES community. The project addresses key environment and security applications in domains such as marine services and emergency response including risk & crisis management and humanitarian aid.
Led by EADS Astrium, the project gathers 24 research and industrial partners including key GMES players (GMES service providers, GMES data providers and end-users representatives) as well as Satellite Communication’s leading expertise in the area.
TANGO consortium aims at developing and providing operational telecommunication solutions to the immediate GMES services needs, and at preparing the definition of optimised satellite telecom infrastructures to expand the future GMES services.