The Project / The objectives
TANGO objectives:

- to support GMES projects and future operational GMES services as well as their associated end-users in the expression of telecommunications needs

- to facilitate the access of GMES community to telecommunication solutions, in particular through the development of the TANGO “Common Telecommunication Service Platform”. The TANGO platform will offer a privileged interface to the GMES service providers to get at optimised cost a fast access to the telecommunications solutions.

- to adapt, develop, integrate and demonstrate satellite telecommunication innovative solutions to cope adequately to the various needs (improved data collection and interactive mapping, GMES data dissemination, Early Warning, Adhoc networking)

- to prepare the definition of optimised satellite telecommunication infrastructures

- to define the conditions for an operational exploitation of the TANGO platform, based on an adequate partnership

The TANGO programme logic is based on a top-down approach to identify the requirements in telecommunication services which are not met for the delivery of GMES services. With the involvement of actors from the whole value chain, upgrades of the most recent satellite telecommunication techniques will be researched, proposed and developed for final integration with on-going GMES developments in the framework of security and crisis management, fisheries management, maritime surveillance and humanitarian aid.