The Project / Overview
The GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment & Security) services are currently being developed to support public policy makers’ needs in the domain of environment and security, and rely on a comprehensive Earth observing system, using space borne and in situ techniques. The satellite telecommunications will be a key component of the future GMES architecture, enabling to expand GMES services and to enhance their performances where unmet needs can be identified:

• Improvement of the service area through the dissemination of the GMES applications wherever it is needed; reach communities with no other solutions –for instance in the ocean or following a natural disaster-; deployment of Adhoc networking for crisis management,

• Improvement of the reactivity and freshness of the data through faster scene and in-situ data collection

• Speed up the transfer of data expected as these prototypes services become operational and allow higher volumes to be processed

TANGO implements a bottom up approach to identify the requirements for telecommunication services that are not met for the delivery of GMES services. The consortium structure enables privileged crosslinks with key GMES projects   addressing all GMES themes.

TANGO demonstrations contribute to two European Commission identified fast tracks (the marine and emergency response core services) through the integration of satellite telecommunication solutions with on-going GMES developments in the framework of security and crisis management, fisheries management, maritime surveillance and humanitarian aid.